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Boat Oxidation removal experts


What causes Oxidation on your boat? 

If you’re like most boat owners, your boat is your pride and joy. It’s the reason you look forward to the weekends during the summer. Your boat is a valuable part of your life and the memories made on it bring joy to you and your family. That being said, if your boat isn’t looking it’s best you take it to heart.


As your boat ages, it’s gel coat finish is exposed to natural elements of sun, water and air causing it’s shiny finish to oxidize and become dull over time. Not only is oxidation unattractive, but it can effect you from fully enjoying your boat that is such a big part of your life.


The good news is we can fix this problem for you! We can take the steps to remove oxidation and restore your boat’s gel coat to a like new finish and help you prevent oxidation from returning.


Our Boat Oxidation Removal Process  

Boat oxidation removal is an intricate process. It takes multiple hours of polishing and sometimes even sanding to removal all the oxidation and restore shine. There are products that can be used to hide oxidation only for it return in a matter of weeks, but the process we use eliminates oxidation and leaves your boat protected with a sealant or ceramic coating to  help prevent oxidation from returning. 

The needs of every boat are different, but here are the general steps we use to restore your boats shine. 

1. Decontamination wash to clean and prep your boat for polishing

2. Inspection and removal of scruffs and staining from your boats hull

​3. Tape off all sensitive areas that could be damage while polishing

​4. Multi step machine compounding and polishing to restore your boats gel coat to a mirror finish

​5. Final clean up to ensure all polishing residue and dust is removed form the exterior and interior of your boat. 

​6. Apply final layer of wax sealant, or ceramic coating to leave your boat protected. 

All of our gel coat restoration jobs start with an in person consultation and test spot. We can come to you and do a test spot by performing these steps on a small area of your boat so you can see what the finished results will look like. This allows us to understand exactly what your boat needs and make sure we can meet your expectations. 

See Our Work!

Trained and Certified Starke Yacht Care Ceramic Coating Installers

It is our mission at ETX Precision Detail to provide our customers with the best products and practices in the marine detailing industry. We are certified Starke Yacht Care Marine Ceramic Coating installers. We aim to be a step above in product quality and installation experience. Starke is the industry leader in marine coating technology. Based out of Florida, they are experts in maintaining and protecting vessels in some of the harshest environments. We wanted to bring their quality and expertise to East Texas, so we spent two days training in Florida to bring the best products and knowledge possible back to our customers right here in Texas. You can rest easy knowing your boat is in good hands! 


ETX Precision Detail did a great job restoring the shine to my boat. Compounded and waxed she looks brand new again. Give them a try you won't be disappointed!

Scott H.

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