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Your MArine Ceramic Coating Specialists


What is a Ceramic Coating? 

Ceramic coating is the next generation in liquid marine gel coat protection. Commonly compared to a wax or sealant a ceramic coating creates an extremely high gloss, sacrificial layer of protection to your boats gel coat. Unlike a wax or sealant this protection last over a year not weeks or months. 

When applied to a properly prepared surface a ceramic coating actually chemically bonds to the gel coat of your boat. It creates a semi-permanent hard shell like barrier of protection that is much thicker and more durable than wax. 



What makes Ceramic Coating beneficial for my boat?  

When considering the benefits of a ceramic coating for marine applications it's crucial to understand the importance of UV protection on your boat. The most important part of keeping your boat looking new is to protect it from UV rays. Unlike your vehicle's clear coat a gel coat finish does not have UV inhibitors in it. The best protection from the sun for your boat is to have the most reflective shine possible to reflect the sun off the surface of your boat. Without proper protection your boats hull will become dull and oxidized and the gel coat will soak in UV rays and progressively become more dull over time. 

Here are some of the real benefits you will experience from a professional coating on your boat

  • The best protection for your boat's gel coat for at least 18 months

  • Extreme UV resistance and protection from oxidation

  • One application will give you long term protection, no need to reapply

  • Unmatched high gloss or wet look to your gel coat when your boat is clean

  • Super slick hydrophobic properties that keep your boat cleaner longer

  • Protection from chemicals, bird and insect droppings, and water staining

Pre application prep is crucial to ensure that the ceramic coating properly bonds to your boats gel coat. For new boats this preparation will include a decon prep wash to ensure your boat is perfectly clean before application. If your boat already has sun damage and is dull and oxidized we will perform a multi step machine compound and oxidation removal process that will make your boat look like new again. After these steps we will install the ceramic coating to lock in that beautiful shine! 

Trained and Certified Starke Yacht Care Ceramic Coating Installers

It is our mission at ETX Precision Detail to provide our customers with the best products and practices in the marine detailing industry. We are certified Starke Yacht Care Marine Ceramic Coating installers. We aim to be a step above in product quality and installation experience. Starke is the industry leader in marine coating technology. Based out of Florida, they are experts in maintaining and protecting vessels in some of the harshest environments. We wanted to bring their quality and expertise to East Texas, so we spent two days training in Florida to bring the best products and knowledge possible back to our customers right here in Texas. You can rest easy knowing your boat is in good hands! 

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The job they did on my boat was incredible! They will be doing my pickup as soon as I find time. Awesome work!

Steve G.

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