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Corvette c8 after ceramic coating

Your Ceramic Coating Specialists


What is a Ceramic Coating? 

Ceramic coating is the next generation in liquid paint protection. Commonly compared to a wax or sealant a ceramic coating creates an extremely high gloss, sacrificial layer of protection to your vehicles paint. Unlike a wax or sealant this protection last years not months. 

When applied to a properly prepared surface a ceramic coating actually chemically bonds to the clear coat of your vehicle. It creates a semi-permanent hard shell like barrier of protection that is much thicker and more durable than wax. 


What are the benefits of a Ceramic Coating? 

There are some amazing benefits to ceramic coating. Often times these benefits can be overstated and even gimmicky. There is no doubt a coating is the best choice of protection for your vehicle outside of paint protection film, but we feel it's important our customer understand those benefits have their limits. 

Here are some of the real benefits you will experience from a professional coating on your vehicle

  • The best protection for your vehicles paint for 3-4 years

  • One application will give you long term protection, no need to reapply

  • Unmatched high gloss or wet look to your paint when your car is clean

  • Super slick hydrophobic properties that keep your car cleaner longer

  • Dirt, tar, and road grime have trouble sticking to a coating making your vehicle much easier to clean

Pre application prep is crucial to ensure the coating bonds to your paint correctly. All vehicles we coat go through a pre application process. Without this process the coating will not bond properly and will deteriorate much quicker. This process includes a prep wash, mechanical and chemical decontamination and paint correction.  After this prep process your car or truck will look nothing short of amazing. Once we apply the ceramic coating it will look even better, and with proper maintenance it will lock in that look for years to come! 

Misconceptions and Maintenance of a Ceramic Coating

It is important to understand that a ceramic coating is not a miracle cure, end all be all protection for your vehicle. It has its limitation. A coating will not eliminate the need to wash your vehicle or prevent it from getting scratched or chipped by rocks. Yes, it offers a ton of protection and makes caring for your vehicle much easier, it can only do so much. 

Like many other aspects of your vehicle proper maintenance of your coating is key to its long term success. If a coating is not properly cared for it will begin to break down prematurely. It is important that you properly wash, dry and boost the coating to ensure you get the most life out of it.  


Simple Pricing Plans

Our Ceramic Coating pricing will vary based on initial paint condition. The pricing below includes a single step paint correction that will remove minor paint imperfection. Some vehicles require multiple steps of paint correction depending on paint condition and the customers desired results. On rare occasions our customers will choose not to have paint correction done, on those occasions we will adjust the price accordingly. We do always recommend paint correction to bring the paint up to it's best condition possible before we apply the ceramic coating. 

3 Year Coating

Price Variation Based on Size

Starting at $1000


I received a full detail and ceramic coating on my 100K miles pickup. This truck has only been washed a few times and needed a lot of work. After they were finished it looked brand new! Will use again. 

Colby M.

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